Schankomat Avantgarde

Networked high-tech logistics

The modern “SCHANKOMAT” computer dispensing systems network many areas of a catering business – and save time and money.

High – tech logistic systems

The Schankomat computer controlled dispensing system is the main connecting element for soft drinks , spirits , beer, wine by the glass, coffee and even vending machines for cigarettes . Furthermore, there are various bottle control systems, refrigerators for bottles and cans, spirit control systems and different sizes of dispensing heads.

During operation, no product can run out, because the different beverages (syrups, beer, wine and spirits) are connected with automatic changers.

Of course, any sale is booked on waiter key, so that the final billing at end of the day including cash and stock levels are done at the push of a button.

Design at its best: “Schankomat AVANTGARDE”
The Schankomat line “Avantgarde” is the flagship of computer controlled dispensing systems. A “Avantgarde” dispensing system is equipped with either 6, 8, 10, or 12 taps. ?The drinks can be dispensed in different dosages and mixtures. The built-in nozzles guarantee the perfect product in the glass. The beer can be tapped either on the dispensing-tower or on a special designed beer column. The dispensing device offers credit indication by LEDs per product, table number input and additional product-booking directly on the device. Different price-levels, division assignment, volumetric or time-control, Co2 – empty indicator, tap-shutoff, empty product indication and many additional features make Schankomat ?Avantgarde? to the Mercedes of the computer dispensing systems.

More profit?
According to experience a sales increase of about 30 % is achieved by installing a “Schankomat” computer controlled dispensing system. And even in the moneybag. There is a waiter-based billing, no loss and no possibility to forget bookings.